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Are you or a relative experiencing an injury that happened at work or elsewhere? Do you believe you or your family member qualifies for monetary settlement? If so, getting in touch with Georgelis Injury Law Company will be one of the best decisions you make.

Our record for effectively securing maximum payments for our customers in their personal injury cases is popular– from a $1,600,000.00 individual injury healing to a $1,440,000.00 bus mishap award to a $1,250,000.00 bike mishap settlement– we leave no stone unturned to ensure our clients get the maximum compensation under the law.

Our customers take advantage of our combined trial experience of over 100 years, along with the effective outcomes of countless injury trials, hearings and claims and job-related injury claims, hearing and lawsuits. When you deal with our skilled individual injury lawyers, we will aggressively represent you as we combat insurance business who have a credibility for lessening, denying, or postponing complaintants’ lawful payments!

Our personal-injury lawyers from Georgelis Injury Law practice have recuperated more than $50,000,000.00 for Lancaster County’s injured employees and accident victims.


We provide through and devoted legal representation in the following locations of practice

Slip, Trip & & Fall Mishaps — These mishaps can occur on someone else’s individual home or organization residential or commercial property triggered by slippery floors, faulty pavement or pathways, snowy or icy parking lots or walkways, inadequate lighting, falling items– the list goes on. Places can consist of apartment or condo complexes, pools, building websites, a next-door neighbor’s/ pal’s house, a retail shop, amusement parks, restaurants, theater, and other places.

Contact Georgelis Injury Law practice to discuss your situations. When we accept your claim, our group will figure out a strategic plan-of-action to look for the maximum settlement.

Construction Mishaps — Construction accidents are far too typical and involve heavy equipment, scaffolding, fires, explosions, electrocutions, exposure to hazardous compounds, vehicle crashes, raising or carpal tunnel syndrome and more. If you qualify for construction-accident settlement, our Lancaster, PA personal-injury lawyers will work to recover every dollar that is due from every feasible source– the employees’ payment system, liability insurance coverage, and/or a suit versus negligent 3rd celebrations.

Pool Accidents — Tragic drownings or life-altering injuries are ravaging to any household. Neglect involving a neglectful lifeguard, harmful chemicals that were used for cleaning, drain covers that were insufficient, a ladder or slide that was defective– whatever the cause of a public or private-pool accident, our Lancaster personal-injury lawyers will direct you towards closure and maximum settlement.

Animal/Dog Bites — You might be pleased to understand that all our Lancaster personal-injury lawyers are animal fans and we, passionately, contribute to the ASPCA! With that stated, we remain objective concerning animal bites due the severity and long-lasting impact of these kinds of injuries. We have actually dealt with clients who have suffered nerve damage, scarring, disfigurement, psychological injury, and even death.

Our knowledgeable personal-injury lawyers will pursue every possible opportunity to get you every dollar you are entitled to, whether it’s from a homeowner’s policy, a residential or commercial property liability policy, or a tenant’s insurance coverage. Georgelis Injury Law office will be with you every action of the method!

Head Injuries — Injuries to the head due to animal attacks, vehicle/motorcycle/bicycle accidents, building and construction mishaps and falls and slips can range from shallow bruising to concussions to traumatic brain injury and even death.

If you have actually experienced a head injury and you want to determine if you are a candidate for financial payment, call our Lancaster personal-injury lawyers, instantly. Even moderate symptoms can manifest into serious conditions, months later– amnesia, headaches, seizures, mood swings, and more. Do not take an opportunity– you have absolutely nothing to lose by giving us a call!

Industrial Property Injuries — Injuries on leased/rented homes or businesses, ranging from broken bones to fractures to neck and spine injuries to torn tendons and muscles, can end up being life changing and produce substantial medical expenses and loss of income.

Give us a call, right away, if a commercial-property injury has actually triggered you any.If the injury, kind of discomfort or discomfort– even be very little. Whether your injury took place at a restaurant, apartment, grocery shop, hotel, dimly-lit/slippery parking lot– no matter the place– we will evaluate your case and figure out how we move forward.

Snow or Ice Slip & & Fall Accidents — Affordable, proactive measures need to be used by home and business owners to make sure the public is not subjected to overly-slippery conditions on their homes that end up being snow or ice covered. When falls and mishaps do take place in these cases, it can be a ‘domino effect’ (no pun meant) when determining if the property owner is, lawfully, at fault– whether entirely, partially, or at all.

Our Lancaster personal-injury attorneys have managed hundreds of these types of cases and have recuperated countless dollars for our customers. Since your injury may appear or feel trivial, do not ever presume you deserve nothing simply. Georgelis Injury Law practice will develop your claim and go over with you what amount of settlement you may or must be due.

Neck, Low-Back & & Spine Injuries — These kinds of injuries can be specifically concerning, and our personal-injury experience in this arena is huge. Georgelis Injury Law practice has made it a top priority to become highly familiarized with medical research, participate in seminars, and pursue other places that enable us to better understand the medicine behind neck, back, and spinal column injuries. That understanding, in addition to persuasive reports, records and depositions from orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons, are presented to insurance companies to help create optimum financial healings for our customers.

Car accidents, falls, sports/recreation incidents, in addition to lots of other scenarios can contribute to neck, back, and spinal column injuries. If you or a liked one has actually suffered any injury of this nature, please call us.

Premises Liability — Being hurt or injured on someone else’s home can result in a recovery of damages. Homeowner from dining establishments and supermarket to retail facilities and schools can be held responsible. Slippery floorings, falling things, pavement problems, loose hand rails, inadequate lighting, and defective playground equipment can be mishaps simply waiting to take place.

Any premises-liability case that might apply to you or somebody in your household deserves the # 1-rated personal-injury attorney in Lancaster, PA– Georgelis Injury Law Company!

No Upfront Charges and No Worries.

Be ensured there are no attorneys’ costs if there is no settlement awarded to you. Once your claim is accepted by our law office, you profit of having a potent legal supporter in your corner, from start to complete. We will be continually offered to answer your concerns, keep you updated, and resolve any issues you may have. We guarantee to put your mind at ease through our compassion, empathy, comprehensive knowledge of the law and court system, and success-driven techniques!

Do not Be Duped By Insurance Business!

Not all insurance provider are developed equivalent– some are more principled than others– however there are a couple of things they all have in typical: the desire to pay you as low as high-powered and possible lawyers to represent them! You, too, require effective attorneys on your.side to level the playing field to guarantee that they do not take advantage of you.

Reality be told, insurance provider will intentionally lessen, deny, or hold-up compensation for plaintiffs. They will provide minimal amounts of cash hoping plaintiffs will excitedly accept it and go away– but don’t be deceived! Those questionable techniques cheat complaintants out of countless dollars every year when claims are denied, examinations aren’t thorough, and low-ball sums of money are used, deliberately misleading language, and more.

The Lancaster personal-injury lawyers at Georgelis Law will battle any insurer, tooth-and-nail, that may attempt to frighten, deceive, or unscrupulously control you! Keep in mind: insurance provider are not on your side– they are on their own.side– which is why Georgelis Injury Law Company needs to be on yours.!

Do Not Go For Less– Need the very best!


Georgelis Injury Law Company has been voted the # 1 law office in Lancaster County as part of Lancaster County.Publication’s.Best-of-Lancaster Study for 7 years in a row!

Contact Georgelis Injury Law Practice, Right Now!

Do not postpone– lost time can result in lost settlement! Contact our legal group, today, to work towards the closure you should have and prefer. We make ourselves offered to our clients at all times

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