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A 5-Star Rating for Mullen & Mullen Law Firm by Kelly Curran on Google

We Won the 4th Largest Car Accident Settlement in Texas in 2019

1. Child injured in car accident requiring surgery. Gross settlement $2,050,000.00. Client net $1,378,010.24 after case expenses, medical bills / liens, and attorney fees.

Top Choice Injury Law Firm in Dallas for 2019 & 2020 Awarded by Top Choice Awards!

Accolades & Awards for Mullen & Mullen Law Firm's Dallas Personal Injury Lawyers

There is definitely no charge to you unless we get a recovery. Get medical treatment in advance with no out of pocket.

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The Injury Lawyers You Can Trust to Defend Your Rights

Mullen & & Mullen Law Company was included in Newsweek’s Premier Accident one of the best in the USA– and– granted .Leading Dallas Injury Law Firm of 2019 & & 2020. from Top Option Awards \u2122 based on a detailed client complete satisfaction study.

We are PROFESSIONAL bodily injury due to accidents brought on by third celebration neglect. It’s all we do. Call us now at. ( 214) 747-5240. for a complimentary case assessment. And if you mention our website on very first contact, you’ll get a reduced 29% contingency charge on claims that settle without the filing of a suit. 90% of our cases do fix without litigation.

Mullen & & Mullen Law Company has been defending the rights of North Texas mishap victims for nearly 4 YEARS.Our corporate office lies in the Design District of Dallas, TX, and we also have satellite offices in Frisco, Plano, and Fort Worth.

Combined, our Dallas personal injury attorneys have more than 86 years of experience. We were founded on, and continue to operate on, an easy principleRepresent each and every customer the very same method we would represent a relative.

If you were harmed in a mishap due to the negligence of a business or individual, we will

  • Submit all required insurance coverage claims at the onset of your accident case to avoid any hold-ups.
  • Help you in getting a loan if you need instant monetary relief.
  • Help you protect the medical treatment you are worthy of and require at no up-front cost to you.
  • Develop your lost earnings or loss of making capability as an outcome of your injuries (if appropriate).
  • Keep experts needed for your mishap case at no up-front expense to you (if necessary).
  • Negotiate the greatest possible injury settlement offer we can obtain.

For more information about how our legal advisers can best serve you, keep reading.

Expect More from Mullen & Mullen Law Firm Dallas Accident Attorneys

A 5-Star Rating on Google by Rocky Hulsey for by Mullen & Mullen Law Firm

Experience The Mullen & & Mullen Difference.

  • Our attorneys quickly return and respond to phone calls. At a volume law practice, they’ll get to it when they can.
  • On cases not requiring lawsuits, we only charge 29.% of the gross recovery. The industry standard charge is 33.3%.
  • Mullen & & Mullen Law Firm has 38 years of experience.( and our lawyers integrated 86 years) battling for the rights of accident victims. Other injury attorneys?
  • We make YOU the concern. We understand we work for you. At a volume law practice, you work for them.

Mullen & & Mullen Law Practice Works For You.

Some Dallas personal injury attorneys forget that they work for the client. We comprehend you are the employer and prompt respond to demands for mishap case updates and help.

Experience Matters.

Mullen & & Mullen Law Practice has actually been defending the rights of Dallas and North Texas residents considering that 1982. That’s nearly 4 years. Combined our injury lawyers have 86 years of know-how you can leverage. We understand how to optimize your accident healing. It’s our sole practice location and we have had the honor of serving thousands of pleased clients.

Life Member Million & Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum

Our Dallas Injury Lawyer are Highly Experienced.

  • Regis L. Mullen, Establishing a former insurance coverage claims manager who understands the strategies the insurance carriers use to manage mishap cases. He has 53 years of individual experience.
  • Shane V. Mullen, Managing Attorney., according to Thomson Reuters, is a Leading Ranked Personal Injury Lawyer in Dallas, TX. They acknowledged him as a Texas Super Lawyers \u00ae Rising Star three consecutive years. He is likewise a lifetime member of both the Million & & Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forums, and Rue Scores’ Finest Lawyers of America.
  • Joseph R. Morrison, Senior Partner Attorney.acted as counsel of record in what VerdictSearch acknowledged as the 5 th.largest properties liability decision of 2012 in the entire State of Texas. He is also a member of The National Trial Attorneys: Top 100 Civil Complainant Trial Lawyers, and a member of both the Million & & Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Online Forums.

Specific Attention is What You’ll Receive from Mullen & & Mullen Law Company.

We are not a volume law firm. Mullen & & Mullen.You will get the time and attention you should have. Your attorney will personally.and straight.handle and establish your injury case from start to complete.

Internal Mishap Private Investigator at No Expense to You.

We have a private detective, Mike Foster, on staff to help develop the evidence essential to win your cars and truck slip, mishap and fall, work injury, wrongful death, or other injury claim. Mullen & & Mullen Law practice supplies his services at no charge to you.

Our Dallas Injury Lawyers Fully Develop Cases and Stay Ahead of the Curve.

Our Dallas injury lawyers use cutting edge technology like 3D imaging videos to demonstrate the complete extent of distressing injuries brought on by mishaps and to optimize your claim worth.

Our Clients Trust United States Enough to Refer Us to Their Household & & Pals.

The bulk of our brand-new customers are the family and friends members of former customers who referred them to us after an accident See all of our online reviews in one hassle-free location. here. .

Our Charge is 29% While the Standard Contingency Charge is 33.3%– And that Distinction Can Be Substantial.

The overwhelming majority of Dallas individual injury lawyers charge the standard 33.3%. At Mullen & & Mullen Law office we provide a discounted 29% contingency charge.on mishap cases (except for prescription drug injuries) that settle out of court (90% do). This typically saves customers thousands of dollars. We have the ability to use a decreased cost since of the quality of our settlements.

Examples of Case Outcomes Accomplished.


How Else Can Mullen & & Mullen Law Company Help You?

A 5-Star Rating for Mullen & Mullen Law Firm by Chris Karhu on Google

The frustrating bulk of Dallas individual injury attorneys charge the basic 33.3%. At Mullen & & Mullen Law office we offer a marked down 29% contingency charge.on mishap cases (except for prescription drug injuries) that settle out of court (90% do). This typically saves customers countless dollars. We’re able to offer a decreased charge because of the quality of our settlements.

Mullen & & Mullen Law Firm Can Likewise Help You By

  • Leveling the Playing Field.

Our Dallas injury law firm has actually solely represented mishap victims for almost 4 years. At Mullen & & Mullen Law Company we have an established track record of success representing real victims with genuine damages and real injuries.

Why does this matter?

Think of your injury case as a cake. You just get one chance to bake it and you only get one opportunity to serve it properly.

If you have been harmed in an automobile mishap, facilities liability occurrence, or work mishap your only focus must be on recuperating from your injuries. You are not in a position to make certain your case is established effectively. In truth, you are probably unaware of the proof required to satisfy your concern of evidence on different problems or of the effect numerous factors, such as place, have on reaching a correct claim value. This need to be done by a professional.

  • Establishing Your Accident Case.

Establishing your injury claim is essential to a successful recovery. If you sustained injuries through no fault of your own, you should have to have responses about what effect those injuries will have on the rest of your life. In other mishap cases a life care strategy may be needed to accurately record future medical costs and to provide credence to both expected and existing physical constraints and/or restrictions.

Words matter in an accident case.It is not enough for your physician to say you may need a surgery in the future. Such a statement stops working to fulfill the problem of proof necessary to recuperate damages. Your doctor must indicate that it is most likely– i.e. most likely than not– that you will require surgery in the future. That’s not all of it however. You also need to be particular that causation has been properly dealt with. The need for the surgical treatment must be effectively linked to the injuries arising from the incident.

  • Providing Your Accident Claim.

You just get one opportunity to put your finest foot forward. Preliminary impressions definitely matter. Unrepresented mishap victims face an uphill climb. Oftentimes they merely send medical records with a short letter asking for money without any explanation for how they arrived at the figure.

Straight TalkWhen you are unrepresented, insurance adjusters do not fear denying your demand because– guess what? — they understand there’s nothing you can do about it if they use you something ludicrous. Unrepresented accident victims are basically bidding against themselves.

Our Dallas individual injury law office is able to deal with a big percentage of claims without the necessity of litigation however we never think twice to go that path if it will lead to a much better recovery for our client. Insurance adjusters understand what Mullen & & Mullen will do about it if they make an unjust offer.

We consistently makes use of 3d imaging, surgery illustrations, medical videographers, and other cutting-edge demonstrative aides to present our client’s injury case in the most reliable way. At Mullen & & Mullen Law office we front these expenditures– which can be substantial– to effectively present the accident claim and optimize our client’s possibility of a successful recovery.

How Do Personal Injury Attorney Make Money?

Every accident victim can afford the very best injury lawyer, even if they have no monthly earnings whatsoever. Here’s why

  • When Your Mishap Case Wins, they Only Get Paid.

Not every individual injury supporter works this method– more on this in a minute. The other party, not you, is accountable for your injuries.

  • They Only Handle Cases They’re Confident They Can Win in Court.

It makes good sense because it’s in the lawyers’ product interest to do so. They don’t get paid per hour as your case goes along. They get paid only when they win your mishap case. It’s a win-win-win circumstance: lawyers represent legitimate cases, you do not need to pay great deals of money you don’t have, and the legal system doesn’t get burdened with pointless claims.

Just How Much Do Injury Attorneys Charge?

The practice of charging a contingency cost in fact goes back centuries to England. The standard fee for many individual injury legal representatives considering that then has been 33 1/3%– paid after you win your case. Although a lot of charge this method, there are a few other differences you’ll bump into as you talk with attorneys.

It’s really essential to ask your counsel precisely how they charge. And if you run into any evasive answers, or if you experience a few of the circumstances listed below, you should right away thank them for their time and tackle your day. Due to the fact that in numerous of these cases, you have actually found an unethical one, and dishonesty in payment could likewise suggest they’re not going to provide your case the complete attention it is worthy of.

Here’s what occurs out there in the genuine world

  1. Some personal injury advocates charge fees of 40-50%.There’s no factor for them to do this, besides to get more cash. You’re not getting anything special. Lots of, even the very best, charge the basic 33 1/3%. If it’s any higher than that, no matter how great they make it sound, do not hire them.
  1. Ask whether their contingency cost includes their charge for services.That 33 1/3% ought to consist of the counsel’s charges for supplying you with their legal services. If their fee for services goes above the 33 1/3%, do not employ them.
  1. Some injury attorneys have you pay case costs as they deal with the case.It probably indicates the law firm does not have a lot of cash in the bank. Or, they’re just attempting to get what they can. The large bulk of experts will pay your case expenditures and recover those expenses when your case is resolved.
  1. Ask if you need to pay any expenses if your case is unsuccessful. You should not need to do this. The majority of personal injury attorneys, and even the most experienced ones, request absolutely nothing if they don’t prosper. That’s standard operating treatment. But some do. Ignore them and do not employ them. They need to want to merely write these off as a tax-deductible overhead.
  1. Some law companies try to get you to pay interest on your personal injury case– do not fall for it. Since of the huge cost included in some cases, some law companies get loans to pay all the costs along the method. Plus, it might mean the law firm isn’t experienced at these cases, or isn’t successful, due to the fact that they don’t have the money in the bank to do the task.

When Your Case Wins, the Guideline Is You Ought To Just Pay A Set Contingency Fee.

There’s no sense in handling any other agreement. It frequently indicates dishonesty or company weak point.

And even the best injury lawyers you can get generally charge a standard 33.3% cost after they win.

Mullen & & Mullen Law Company just charges a 29% contingency cost.when your case settles out of court (about 90% do). Just discuss you found us online when you call. 214-747-5240. for your complimentary consultation.

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