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This website presents Richard Polsky, Ph.D. to attorneys looking for a dog bite specialist. is the internet’s oldest, most often gone to, and the majority of comprehensive website on the interplay between animal behavior and canine bite law.

Dog bite expert witness
Pet bite expert in California, Richard Polsky Ph.D. Dr. Polsky supplies dog bite expert witness services to attorneys. is the development of Richard Polsky. The site consists of details on subjects such as justification , neglect, compensatory damages , presumption of risk and whether a suspected pet bite victim was bitten or scratched . In addition, visitors can search to discover recommendations and viewpoints about pit bulls and the harmful nature of attack-trained cops dogs .

Canine owners in Los Angeles seeking animal behavior assessment and training services or aid with a. hazardous canine hearing. should go to other sections of this site.

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Meet dog bite specialist, Richard Polsky.

  • Education.
    Dr. Polsky made a doctorate in animal behavior from the. University of Leicester. in England. This was followed by 6 years of postdoctoral research study in animal habits at the University of Birmingham in England and later at the University of California at Los Angeles.
  • Work.
    Dr. Polsky has actually worked as President of. Animal Habits Counseling Services, Inc . in Los Angeles for over 30 years. Throughout this time he has trained and used habits adjustment to numerous. Rottweilers. Pit bulls. German shepherds. Walking cane Corsos. Bull mastiffs and. other breeds. efficient in inflicting extreme injury.
  • Canine expert witness work.
    Dr. Polsky has. testified in court. as a pet dog bite professional on many events. His work as a canine behavior expert witness has helped numerous attorneys gain. beneficial outcomes. for their clients. Dr. Polsky is a skilled, trial evaluated and. well-qualified . These special qualifications, combined with his scholastic training in animal behavior, set Dr. Polsky apart from other self-titled dog bite experts.

Dr. Polsky’s technique.

Dr. Polsky places a strong focus on proffering expert opinions based upon the findings and principals taken from the animal behavior and canine behavior literature. These findings are used in mix with the discovery from any offered case to form viewpoints that are non-speculative and most likely to be believed by the trier-of-fact.

Pet dog behavior expert witness services supplied by Dr. Polsky include consultation, documents review, report writing, declarations, canine and home examinations, deposition and trial statement, and. wound examination. .

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Dr. Polsky addresses the following concerns

  • Was the event foreseeable?
  • Are attack-trained. authorities K-9s. inherently dangerous animals?
  • Did the dog owner reveal a callous neglect for public safety?
  • Was the injury to the complainant triggered by a. bite versus scratch. ?
  • Are pit bulls naturally unsafe animals?
  • Did the residential or commercial property owner understand about the pet dog’s hazardous propensities?
  • Was the dog properly managed?
  • Did the plaintiff provoke the pet to bite?

Examples of Dr. Polsky’s work as a pet dog bite professional.

  • In one case, the complainant affirmed that his next-door neighbor’s canine assaulted him after the pet dog delved into his yard. He affirmed that the canine, a. German Shepherd scaled a 6 ft. fence, inflicted a bite to his hand, and after that jumped back over the fence into the yard from which the dog came. Dr. Polsky’s expert statement was used to reveal that the canine might not have possibly jumped over the fence. Instead the complainant should have extended his hand into the airspace of his next-door neighbor’s residential or commercial property, which allowed the defendant’s pet to bite the plaintiff’s hand.
  • Measurements were taken of the dog. This evidence made it clear that a dog of this size might not have dragged the suspect from beneath the car. Animal behavior analysis led to the conclusion that the suspect was bitten after he gave up.
  • In a California case, Dr. Polsky was maintained as a pit bull professional witness. In this matter, the defendant’s. pit bull. attacked the plaintiff. A behavioral assessment of the canine in addition to an assessment of the. bite wound. showed that the canine did not have the temperament or was it physically efficient in attacking the complainant in the manner explained.
  • In another California case, an. innocent bystander. was attacked by a. authorities K-9. Dr. Polsky, was maintained as a K9 bite professional for the complainant. Dr. Polsky opined that it would have been challenging for the handler to sufficiently manage his K-9 on a 30 foot leash after the dog was deployed to capture the suspect the cops were looking for. case settled. for $1.5 million.


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