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The Number Of Car Accidents Occur on Thanksgiving?

Philadelphia vehicle accident attorney. Brent Wieand looks at current PennDOT information to learn the number of crashes occurred on Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania last year. A. Philadelphia cars and truck accident lawyer. can discuss your case in information. Thanksgiving Automobile Accident Stats: Fatal Crashes in Pennsylvania.

Thanksgiving is connected with heavy travel, however you might be surprised at simply just how much. According to the Bureau of Transport Data, the quantity of long-distance travel increases by a shocking 54% throughout Thanksgiving, and most of it– more than 90%– is by automobile. That indicates you can anticipate stopped up roadways, aggressive chauffeurs, and, sadly, a sharp uptick in automotive accidents.

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According to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT), there were 127,127 car accidents in 2015, causing almost 67,000 circumstances of home damage, more than 80,000 injuries, and, sadly, precisely 1,200 deaths. The question is, just how much did Thanksgiving travel add to these figures?

PennDOT stats reveal that there were 4,634 crashes over the Thanksgiving holiday in 2015. Only about 31% of these crashes (1,428) took location on Thanksgiving Day itself, with similar numbers reported during the days prior to and after Thanksgiving. About 37% of the mishaps (1,719) happened throughout the days leading up to Thanksgiving, while the staying 32% (1,487) occurred over the post-holiday weekend.

Unfortunately, Pennsylvania Thanksgiving mishaps also claimed the lives of 51 people in 2015. The circulation of fatalities was different than the circulation of crashes. While the best variety of.

accidents occurred in the days prior to Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving Day itself had the highest number of.deaths , representing 21 out of the 51 deaths during the holiday period. About half as many deaths (13) happened over the post-Thanksgiving period, with an additional 17 deaths reported prior to Thanksgiving Day.PennDOT does not report on non-fatal injuries caused by Thanksgiving accidents, which makes it difficult to state how many injuries Thanksgiving represents. By comparing Thanksgiving deaths versus overall fatalities, it’s possible to compute that Thanksgiving mishaps were responsible for about 4.3% of the overall mishap fatalities reported in 2015. That might appear like a little number, but for a holiday that takes in less than a week of the year, it’s a considerable figure.

Which Holiday is the Most Hazardous for Driving?

Now that we understand how Thanksgiving travel fits into Pennsylvania’s vehicle accident data, the next question is, how does Thanksgiving compare to.

other holidays?Here is how PennDOT ranked each holiday, based on overall portion of crashes they triggered, in 2015

When holidays were ranked according to total percentage of.

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fatalities they caused, the order mixed a littleAs you can see, the charts above reflect only portions. Here are the real numbers of crashes per vacation in 2015

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New Year’s.

  1. — 726 crashes.Christmas.
  2. — 2,176 crashes.Labor Day.
  3. — 2,882 crashes.Memorial Day.
  4. — 3,082 crashes.4th of July.
  5. — 3,104 crashes.Thanksgiving.
  6. — 4,634 crashes.And here were the overall varieties of deaths per vacation the very same year

New Year’s.

  1. — 4 fatalities.Christmas.
  2. — 25 fatalities.Labor Day.
  3. — 32 deaths.4th of July.
  4. — 42 deaths.Memorial Day.
  5. — 47 fatalities.Thanksgiving.
  6. — 51 fatalities.You can play your part by making sure you are sober and well-rested prior to you get behind the wheel.

If You Were in an Auto Mishap on Thanksgiving, contact a Philadelphia Personal Injury Attorney.

From the Wieand Law Practice, LLC, we wish to want you and your enjoyed ones a happy and really safe holiday season. If the worst happens, and you or one of your household members is hurt in a vehicle accident over the Thanksgiving holiday, know that you can turn to Wieand Law for legal support and aggressive representation.

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